Tips On Dental Practices

The latest recession left an indelible impression on consumers. They have less to spend and are more cautious about where their money goes. Consumers are more aware of saving money and avoid credit card debt.

Unfortunately, consumers are also putting off health maintenance procedures, including dental health (strandgatentannklinikk). Nagging dental issues that are fairly costly take a back seat to other priorities, mostly because their out-of-pocket expense is more than they can handle. Their insurance has either been dropped or scaled back, which means their share of the payment has increased. They don’t want to put the charges on a credit card because they’ve already had bad experiences or know about the bad experiences of others who can’t seem to pay them down once they max out.

There is another option in financing dental care that will fill the gap in funding and it’s through a third party finance company that can build programs to fit the needs of their patients ( Many dental practices were signed on with a non-traditional company like this before the recession, but the idea has really taken hold as more clients are in need of the service.

The benefits are numerous. First off, their clients who have avoided much-needed dental work now have an option to pay for the procedure(s) and better manage their health. Dental problems don’t fix themselves and they only get worse as they put off treatment. It’s not only offering clients a new way to pay, but its also attracting new clients. Another aspect of financing dental care through a third party financing company is that the dental practice gets paid fast.

Dentists also see a spike in the amount of elective procedures that patients want after the dental practice begins offering financing. Most insurance companies don’t cover any elective procedures, but that doesn’t mean the patients don’t see great improvement in their smiles.

It’s not unusual for a patient that has an outstanding balance to skip their regular checkups ( With financing, they don’t have to deal with any uncomfortable situations because the dentists has already been paid, even if they haven’t completely finished paying off the full balance on the procedure they financed.

Non-traditional financing companies have more flexibility than traditional banks. Clients with marginal credit are often accepted without issue. Companies like UGA are able to offer them on-the-spot approvals. All the billing is taken over by the financing company and the dentists get paid extremely fast